Technique of the Week #7 – Freezer Paper Stencil

Project Hours: About 2 hours
Design and materials: 1 hour
Execution: 1 hour

Part of this week’s project should include a long amount of time being “stumped” for which technique I wanted to try next.  There are so many.  I thought of doing something based on a “freezer paper resist” technique I learned from Melanie Testa.  But, as this whole technique of the week thing is supposed to be about learning something new, I thought I would reverse her process and just use the freezer paper as a stencil.  
Finding stencils that are free to use is pretty easy online, and this one came from  Cutting was quick using an X-Acto knife.  The paint needed a bit of white in it to make it more opaque.  I also used a really heavy weight thread to do the flames.  
This was for the Valentine’s Day weekend, when you see lots of diamond commercials on TV, and especially “Hearts on Fire” diamonds.  
Later this week when things are not so busy, I’ll post my “snowmageddon” quilt made while stuck in my hotel room in Baltimore on a recent work trip.