Technique of the Week #8 – Golden Acrylics Paints and Mediums

Project hours: About 8 hours Design and materials: about 4
Execution: 4 hours 
I took a Golden Acrylics paint class with an accredited Golden Acrylics teacher to learn how to use their materials in fabric projects.  I was surprised at the variety of the mediums they offer.  I have used gel matte and gloss mediums before, but I had never used pastes and some of their other products before.
Our teacher showed us how to use the paints on a wet or dry surface, using GAC-100 as a resist, using moulding pastes through pieces of lace and many many other cool things.

Shown here are two pieces from my class.  The background was made by using GAC-100 in dots that acted as a resist when dry.  Then the rest of the piece was dry painted using a paper towel and regular fluid paints.  They blended nicely in the center.   The middle piece, which did not scan well, is a “skin” made from layers of heavy gloss gel medium and some sparkly gauzy scraps in similar colors.  
I included my education in the above time-frame, and drying time in the execution hours.
In other news, I’m working on workshop proposals, an article submission proposal, and a lecture to shop around to local guilds.  And there’s 500 ish flowers to be made for my sister’s wedding!  Fun year planned ahead!