Technique of the Week #8 – Lutradur

Project Hours: About 2 hours
Design and materials: 1/2 hour
Execution: 1 1/2 hours

I have to admit, this week’s project was a bust all around.  I was a bit stuck for ideas to try, and pulled this together at the last minute.  It looks like it, too.  Well, not every week can be a success.  
I painted the lutradur with fabric paints and let it dry.  I sewed it on with the cross hatching hoping that when it burned away the areas that were stitched down would stay in the “valleys” and the middles would burn away leaving a harlequin look. The end result, not so much…  Use in a ventilated area or use a breathing mask, this stuff gives off noxious fumes.  Perhaps I will continue to embellish the center as a collage.
I did make a nice long list of techniques I still want to try, so I have about 20 weeks worth on a list so that I’m not stuck like this week.