Technique of the Week #44 – Apple Core (handsewing)

yr4week42Project Hours: 2 hours
Design and Materials: 1 hour +
Execution:  Infinity and beyond…..  (Seriously this took forever, read below)

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to make an “apple core” quilt while I lived in Baltimore.  To me it’s like the “album quilt”- if you live there, you just have to make one.  
It’s an old episode of Donald Duck/Chip N Dale that reminds me to make this, the one where Chip, Dale, and Donald Duck hurl applecores at each other after reciting the old “Applecore, Baltimore, Who’s your friend?, Me”. 
So, I thought I would make a small piece to try out the handwork methods needed to do the applecore block.   
The handsewing needed for this block is all curved piecing.  If you see this quilt in an antique store, I bet it has a high price, because these little things are a *(&^%& to sew.
I had pieces cut and in my travel bag for almost 2 years, and every time I pulled this out, I quit.  BUT then I found the English style applique paper company called Paper Pieces.  My friend Catherine uses them for Hexagons all the time.  I had the pieces ready in one evening, and pieced the top while in San Diego at Comic Con.