Technique of the Week -Season 2 – Week 2 – Die Cutting


This week on Technique of the Week, I’m doing Die cutting, but not like the last time I did Die cutting…. Check out the video below.

So as I said in the video, Victoria Findlay Wolfe designs these awesome dies with Sizzix that can be used in bunches of ways so that you can make a huge amount of quilts out of the single die.  Just from the one block and 4 colors of fabric, you can make at least 4 blocks for a quilt.  One quarter piece is about 8 inches, so that’s at least a 16 inch block! WOW!


Using the “manual” versions of die cutting are just as fun as the digital kind, and as I said in the video, there’s lots of tips and techniques to learn with this than just stacking fabric and running it through the machine.
15QM14My friend Ebony Love has the coolest DVD on these techniques, and you should really give her DVD a look-see if die cutting is in the cards for you.

diecuttingTake a look at Sizzix’s website for more info on this die and the machines.

And SPECIAL THANKS to Aurifil Threads for their awesome sponsorship on the set! Did you see that on the set this week?  Go check it out!