Technique of the Week – Season 2 Week 7- Origami Folded Hexagons

Hey everyone!  This week I’m turning hexies into folded flower versions of them using an origami technique, and using some tools along the way as well.  Here’s this week’s video!

So a couple of things about this fun technique….  First, the tools.  The Clover Fabric Folding pen was a super cool find from Quilt Market a couple of years ago, and I was excited to find it was already available.  It’s great for any of my fabric manipulations, which was a cool bonus!

Second up, the technique… The trickiest part is not only doing the folds, but keeping the previous fold to stay in place while you fold the next fold.  I know that’s hard to get in the video, so I plan to do a detailed step by step later this week.  What I did mostly was to use my pinky to hold down the previous fold while I worked on the current one.  It sounds harder than it is.

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