Technique of the Week – Season 2 – Week 8- Silhouette Mint

How cool would it be to print your own stamps and then use them on fabric?  Well, that’s what I’m about to try on this week’s Technique of the Week video!  Check it out below!

So as I said in the video, I wasn’t sure what I thought was going to print out of the little device, because I had traditional stamping in mind when I bought it.  The stamps are more like a plastic coated felt, and the printer etches into the plastic, leaving the felt area to be be inked and thus used as the stamp.


Once I adjusted how I normally print on fabric with stamps, it worked out just fine.  Now the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating my own stamps!

I’m also thinking this will be great for creating a nice presentation in my shipments from my shop, so I see lots of paper uses too.  If I were into scrapbooking or cardmaking, this would be a super item to try.

So I’m trying something new here on my blog lately.  The link above of the Silhouette Mint will take you to Amazon, and my lil website here will earn a couple cents for any purchase, which I always appreciate. Thanks!