Technique of the Week – Week 28 – Custom Rust Dyeing


Here’s this week’s video on Custom Rust Dyeing!  Check it out!

Skill Level:Intermediate
Time Commitment: Weekend +
Cost: Under $10 for the Quick Rust Steel

The trick to this wonderful project is this cool product called Quick Rust Steel from Down Memory Lane.  

This stuff is so easy to cut and use, you’ll want to find all kinds of crazy things to make.  When a friend told me about rust dyeing, I thought it sounded crazy!  Who would actually WANT rust stains on their fabric?  But once I saw how cool looking it was, I had to try it.   You can get beautiful shibori effects from just wrapping fabric around a rusty object, but I wanted a more customized look.  That’s where this rust sheet metal comes in.  Give it a try!