Technique of the Week – Week #32 – Electrolumiescent Wire



This week’s Technique of the Week uses Electroluminescent Wire, also called EL wire.  This stuff is so cool when it lights up.  It’s also called “cool neon” because it’s completely cold.  Check it out in the video:

So the main resource I use for EL wire is COOLNeon (  EL wire uses a giant battery pack on them, so you will need a way to obscure that.  You will want to purchase wire that is pre-soldered to your battery pack.   You will also need to stiffen your fabric, so I use Timtex or Peltex instead of batting.

One drawback is the battery life, which can be short.  Also the battery packs (also called drivers) do have a high pitched squeal to them, and pretty much every single one I have ever bought does this.  If you are sensitive to the sound, this may not be a project for you.  But I hope you do give it a try and be sure to share with me what you make.

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