Technique of the Week – Week 39 – Soy Wax Batiking

Here’s this week’s video!

After being so awful at Batiking, I thought that trying my hand at this again was going to be a disaster.  Soy wax is MUCH easier to deal with than the Jaquard beeswax batik wax.  In fact, I love the fabrics I made using the Soy Wax.  The cleanup was much easier, as you can iron out the fabric much easier than the other stuff.



Soy wax is easy to find in your local craft store, and pretty easy to use with any found objects.  The clean up is easy too!  While I was NOT a fan of the previous attempts at batiking, this was much more fun and much more of what I expected my results to look like.  I guess you just have to keep on trying!!