Technique of the Week – Week # 46 – Thermochromic Paint

Here’s this week’s video!

img010Thermochromic paint (meaning paint that changes color with heat) has been around for a while.  It’s a plastic dye particle that is usually suspended in a dye or paint solution.  When painted onto your surface, and apply heat, the color changes.  In these cases in my samples, the dye changes color to clear, meaning you can reveal a color underneath.

img141I talk about Thermochromic dyes in my Intro to e-Textiles lecture.  It’s been around for ages, and in fact, I have a VERY successful video I posted in 2011 about this topic.   I have even demo’d it on Quilting Arts TV!

Want to get some of your own?  Try Sparkfun Electronics, Mindsets UK, or even Amazon.