Technique of the Week – Week 5 – Painted Wholecloth Quilting

I’m sure you have seen many Wholecloth painted quilts that are painted BEFORE they are quilted. But have you tried painting a quilt AFTER it’s quilted???

Check out this week’s video!!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Weekend
Cost: Under $5
The technique here is to quilt your design, and then use a “dry brushing” technique to paint the raised surfaces of the quilting! I drew my octopus with an erasable gel pen, and then quilted the heck out of it!
Then I used a thick brush like in the video, and the idea is to get paint on the brush and then get most of that paint off the brush on a napkin or paper. Then, using a light hand, you gently go over the surface of the quilt. I used several colors to highlight my octopus design.
This was one of my most favorite projects in this series so far, so do give this a try!!!