Technique of the Week – Week 6 – “Texture Magic” Fabric

yr4week6This week, we’re texturizing fabric, with this cool product called Texture Magic!  Check out the video:

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon +
Cost: Under $25

productimage-picture-texture-magic-14243This is one of those projects where even though I didn’t care for it, doesn’t mean that you would not find it incredibly fun.  I did enjoy the sewing and texturing the fabric parts, but the end result wasn’t something I was thrilled with.  However, that’s because I have done this type of texturing by hand before, and I could control the results.  If you are the kind of artist who likes a little random factor in their work, this is definitely for you.   Superior is one of my favorite brands, and this is cool stuff, it just was not made for me!  Superior has done a great job of providing videos on how to use it, so I’ll just leave that linky here for you to view on your own!

If you want to try giving this a shot, you’re in luck, because I’m cutting apart my leftover sheet of Texture Magic and I’m going to give 10 lucky commenters the ability to try it for themselves!  The piece you’ll get is small, about 8 x 8 inches, which is just enough for you to play with and make a small patch to insert into a mini quilt.  So, leave a comment, and on Sept 23rd I’ll pick 10 comments at random to get a piece of this in the mail to try out.   Be sure to tell your friends and good luck!

Thanks for commenting everyone! I’ll be contacting you all for addys for your 8 x 8 inch samples! I have enough for EVERYONE who commented! (And comments are now closed!)