Technique of the Week – Week 9 – Golden Acrylics Paints and Mediums


Time to bust out some Golden Acrylics and give them a try on fabric!  Here’s this week’s video:

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Commitment: Weekend
Cost: Varies ($10-20 per paint or medium)

When my local sewing group booked a Golden Acrylics Instructor to teach us about the products they make and how to best use them, I took the class.  After the class, I left inspired to try to use some of their paints and mediums on fabric in my own quilting, and the result of my first experiment is in this week’s video.

Since then, I’ve used the combo of GAC-100 and GAC-900 in a few other art pieces and have been very happy.  Just goes to show you how you can broaden your artistic horizons if you are willing to try something new and play around a bit!