The amazing super duper project of 2010

Often, the most rewarding projects you make are not for yourself, but for other people.  
I have offered to my sister to make her flowers for her wedding.
Not just any flowers.  Fabric ones.  For the whole wedding party.

I have some lovely designs for fabric flowers already, and never really realized them as patterns for sale.  But, I will be trying these patterns over and over and over again for this wedding.  So I’ll be really good at making them, at least.  The white ones here were my pattern samples, made in white to get a sense of how they will look.

The math is was astounding on how many to make of each of the designs we have picked for her flowers. Luckily, my sister decided to make some last minute changes to the hydrangeas.   I did the math on how many flowers of each type will be needed, and also the calculations on how much time each flower will take to make to get a true sense of how much time I will be on this project.  It’s alot, but doable in the 8 month time frame considering my weekly quilts factored in (oh, and my full time job).

I have already heard from the bride that she wants to help make them, which I think is super sweet, and should be loads of fun for us to do together.  We had a blast selecting fabrics and can’t wait to see how these turn out!