The Back to School Blog Hop – The Quilter’s Knot

When I teach classes, one of things I always teach my students is the quickest way to make the “Quilter’s Knot”, which is the fastest, best knot I have ever learned to make.
I’m sure it’s called many things, but this is what it was called when it was taught to me. it is a sturdy knot that won’t pop out of your work.
So, go get yourself a needle and thread… we’ll wait!
Ready? Here’s a quick video on how to do it!

For those that need the step by step, here you go:

File Sep 01, 9 38 48 PM
Start with a length of thread on your needle.

File Sep 01, 9 39 02 PM
Lay the tail of the thread on your finger of the hand holding the needle, and lay the needle over it, creating an X.

File Sep 01, 9 39 12 PM
You will have a loop of thread, and take the end that is connected to the X and wrap it around the needle 3 times.

File Sep 01, 9 39 35 PM
Move your hand holding the needle up to pinch that wrapped section of the needle.

File Sep 01, 9 39 47 PM
Pull the needle while holding the pinched section tight.
File Sep 01, 9 39 59 PM
Keep pulling. You will feel the thread start to slide through the wrapped section you are pinching. Pull until you reach the end of the thread.

File Sep 01, 9 40 14 PM
Now you have a perfect knot! Go ahead and try it right now!!

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