The Domestic Diva Kit from hell

I was in JoAnn’s shopping with some Christmas money when I spied one of these kits… It’s an apron kit which is one large “cheater style” fabric in which you cut all of the pieces out and sew together.
Mine is not the one pictured above, with the chicken, but it’s similar. Mine has strawberries and a light yellow checkerboard, and the bottom ruffle is all red.

What a nightmare to put together. The directions are “okay” because I know how to sew, but if this was my first ever project, forget it. It’s got ruffles, bias edges that need to be turned under, the apron strings are tubes that need to be turned…. I should have serged every edge and then turned them under, but again… GAH!!! I didn’t put the pockets on because I was DONE, after about 4 hours. AND I KNOW HOW TO SEW! Geez! I’d stay away from this one…