The Holidays…

skull ornament

Ah yes, that time of year is here.  You know, some people LOVE this time of year, and some people have a difficult time with it.  I’m a little in between.  I love the traditions, the coziness, and the warmth.  But my traditions have had to have some major changes in the past couple of years, and some of the comfort of the season has given way to stress about year end business happenings and memories that are painful.

Recently I had my tree up but it wasn’t decorated yet, and I just wasn’t feeling putting the ornaments on it as I was not in the Christmas mood.  A dear friend advised me to get my ugly Christmas sweater on, put on a funny holiday movie, and to decorate it as long as the movie was on.  Oh, and drink wine.  That was an important part of the process.  Anyway, I tried it, and I had a fun time doing it.  It pulled me out of my funk, and now I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.  I’m making a few gifts, and I hope to share them here, so I hope the recipients are not reading!

Oh, and I got new Sewing Skull ornaments in stock, which are also free with orders through Dec 24th.  That was kinda cool to add to this year’s tree!