The Iceberg Illusion

Sylvia Duckworth has illustrated this principle pretty well, and I’ve shared this concept a number of times on my Facebook page. I totally believe in it. Want to know how I got here?  Look below the water. But there’s another iceberg we all need to be aware of. 

There is this iceberg of sorts when it comes to social media too.  You only see the tip of the iceberg. It’s the super curated, the best version of ourselves. You see one success after another, and it can look like people live these super charmed lives, right?  “Look at me traveling and having a great time, don’t you wish you were me?”  

I struggle in the “below waters” part of my social media.  I want to portray myself in a realistic way.  But it’s hard to talk about how your art is going when it’s not going that great. I have had a tough couple of weeks in this area. It’s even harder when it happens right in the middle of your 31 day blogging challenge! 

To that end I’m going to commit to being honest about my work and how things go that aren’t just tied to one announcement after another.  Maybe this will be a 2017 resolution? 😊