The Last Stop on the Blog Hop! – Spring Clean Your Studio!

spring clean blog hop 2017I’m super pleased to have hosted this year’s Spring Clean Your Studio. So many people have told me how much they are enjoying it!

This year, as in years past, my studio was a complete wreck due to some secret sewing for Quilt Market. (Those will be revealed in another post.) So…. Let’s get on to the MESS.

File May 22, 7 26 48 AM

Here we are again.  Piles piles everywhere…  I wish I was a tidier quilter as I sew.  Alas, Creativity is not meant to work like that (ha ha).

File May 22, 7 27 27 AM
But the worst is the “walk in” closet for this room.  I had pulled out boxes and literally left the contents on the floor.  I could not even walk in here.  I took a timelapse video and put it on my Facebook Page (Which you should follow if you don’t already!).

So yeah, there you go. It took an entire day to clean my studio and my closet, and I even had to tidy the video studio, which has become a repository for anything too large to store in the closet anymore. Pretty soon “cleaning the studio” will mean cleaning the whole house.

Let’s get to those beautiful “after” photos!

File May 22, 7 28 11 AM

I even took one from another angle!

File May 22, 7 29 44 AM

MUCH better.  I even ran the vacuum!  I hope you have enjoyed the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog hop for 2017.  Please go visit all of the studios on the hop below.  And be sure to stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram to hear about next year’s hop so you can be part of it!

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