The “My Family Quilt” Blog Hop has started!

I put these hops together because I love to see what other people do, and when it comes to family quilts, it’s like your very own special treat.  Whether it’s your grandmother, mother, sister, aunt or child, I asked a group of people to post their family quilts this week!  Here’s the schedule!  Please check them all out!

The “My Family Quilt” Blog Hop!
Oct 1. – Sylvia Lewis
Oct 2. – Judi Hurwitt
Oct 3. – Deborah Massie Boschert
Oct 4. – Sheila Frampton-Cooper
Oct 5. – Pokey Bolton
Oct 6. – Frieda Anderson
Oct 7. – Lisa Chin
Oct 8. – Cheryl Sleboda