The wrap-up from the PNQE show

I recieved my quilt and my ribbon almost two days after the show closed, so that was incredibly fast and efficient. My quilt arrived in perfect condition, and that was a huge relief.
I also received my judging sheet, and my judge comments were all positive.
Just the other day I received the last portion of the PNQE entry, my check for the cash prize.
And with that, my first quilt show entry is complete. I have to say I’d do it again.

Now, if my muse would just come back, I’d get to work on my next show entry. I have some ideas but the design is still not yet in my grasp. I’ve had 2 weekends in a row without much quilting work at all, and no inspiration either. Next week I will be at a show for work, and afterward I’ll have a long time before any other trips, so I hope my muse comes back from her vacation refreshed.