There and back again…

The trip to Baltimore was successful, though stressful. I wanted to do so much quilting work this weekend, but slept in until 2pm Saturday and Father’s Day was spent with Dad, so not much was done in reality… So without any further ado, I’ll be making 3 posts with the works I have made these past 2 weeks.

To start, here are the last 2 week’s worth of weekly quilts:

The purple one is “mcTavishing” learned fromt he book and DVD of the same name. I think I needed to use a thicker stitching thread, but in the end, I got the jist of how to do it.
The blue one is a form of baptist fan designs, which I learned from the April/May 2008 issue of Quilting Arts. The article by Frieda Anderson shows how to make this overall design. I thought I had backed myself into a corner a few times, but got out of them each time. One more thing about this design which is a bit interesting is that the design turns around at some point. Look closely enough, you’ll see it.