This N That #10

I haven’t dropped off the planet… yet.
I was putting in my garden the last 2 weeks, which is right outside my office window and an important thing for me this year.  It’s all done now and I’m super pleased.  It makes sitting in the room I work in all day much nicer. It’s got a number of important flowers to me: Lilac, from my childhood; Azaleas, from living in Baltimore; Yellow Roses, my favorite; Peonies, my all time favorite flowers and also from my childhood; and Lavender, just for the smell.  Next year I will put in the rudibeckia (black eyed susan) from seeds we got in Alaska.
I got a cute hanging basket with a fuschia plant in it, and a dove has taken to making a nest in it.  I hope I can get a good photo soon.  Not sure if they will abandon the nest, but we don’t plan to touch it except to water the plant.
I have 4 bushes to dig up, and to cut around 3 trees in my yard before the “yardwork” is complete for the year.  Ugh.
My friend Rita Board Dowd passed away a year ago yesterday.  Rita was such a fun person to be around.  I don’t remember her ever being angry or sad, just always happy.  She had such a broad range of interests, and was a spectacular teacher.  She always had some dating adventure she was on with this guy or that guy, which my husband teased he about to no end.  We were in a book club together (her book was Ishmael) , went on a couple of road trips together (F&^%-ing OHIO!), and when DH was in Chicago and I was left behind selling our house, she invited me to go out a couple of times, which meant a lot.  I’m sure she would be so proud of her son and family. R.I.P. Rita!