This N That #15

The wedding is over, and life is returning back to normal. The flowers were great, we received many compliments on how they looked, and her photographer even wondered if I did this as a business! (uh, no!)  When I get some pictures of us in our finery, I’ll post them, but being an attendant in the wedding means I couldn’t take any photos. 
My sister had the most adorable cake topper at her wedding made by Sophia’s Workshop, which we both picked out from Etsy separately, which means it just had to be.
I am taking classes at CREATE this week, and I will report back here and on the QA forums with all the cool stuff and fun we had.
I got my IQA Houston Quilt Show registration back and I super excited to go and have fun.  It will be my first Houston show! Now I have to make loud pants for the Loud Pants Luncheon, which should be a hoot.
In just 2 more weeks, the Techniques will start back up again!  I know you are all excited, and there’s some summer dyeing I am hoping to squeeze in before the weather gets too cool.