This N That #22 – Sick edition

I hate being sick.  You never get anything done. And because most of us are something other than a quilter, such as a “mom”, “wife”, “worker” or any combination thereof, being sick means all of those jobs get behind on.
I have a terrible cold, and because I work out of my house and I am not regularly exposed to germs I am taking a beating on this one. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m officially sick of being sick. 
Because I have been sick, I’ve watched a lot of TV, and this allowed me to finally watch “Amelie“. It’s a wonderful movie with a light hearted and wistful story that was such a joy to watch, and I know why it is a favorite of so many people I know. 
I have been keeping up to date with my weeklies and even did a pretty neat Technique of the Week, so I hope to have that posted soon.  For now, back to bed!