This N That #25

Oh boy.  Did you know that I skipped over This N That #25 and went right to #26?  So here’s a little make-up post about what’s going on with me.
Since I got back from Cincinnati’s IQF show, things have been off the deep end.  I had to prep my e-textiles lecture for the 25th of April, and also clean my studio because I was like a whirlwind in there trying to get my steps outs done and literally threw stuff on the floor while trying to get those finished. 
On the home front, I have been living with a bedroom with a folding tray table as a night stand for 4 years.  Just before the IQF show, my DH and I ordered new furniture.  We expected it would take it’s leisurely time getting here.  There was no rush to have the room painted until after I got back from Cincinnati.  OOPS.  The week I got back, the furniture people called to say it had arrived.  4 weeks early.  OMG.  Now I had to paint the room. Or I should say “have it painted” since the room has cathedral ceilings.  So I had to hurry up and find a good painter.  But all of that is done now, and the furniture is coming this weekend.  I plan to do a nice separate post about the redecorating project.

Outside, my garden is crying.  It’s calling me every day from my office window (since I work at home) and stares back at me pitifully to come clean it up and fix it.  The lilac I planted that I thought I killed may not be dead yet!  I think it’s budding!   So that’s some good news. We have had days of rain and cold weather here, and it’s not very spring like yet, and it’s the end of April!  I hope it warms up soon!
My lecture at the Fiber Art Divas went very well!  I was very happy with it and they seemed to like it.  I’m going to update my website soon with the lecture and info on how to book me!  I also ran out of business cards (my favorites from and need to work on some brochures to mail to local guilds. 
In May, I’ll be going back to weekly quilts, so stay tuned for that!