This N That # 26- Can’t seem to catch up…

Well, since I am going to Cincinnati for the International Quilt Festival, and taping a segment for QATV there, things have ramped up to over 1000 here.  It feels like every deadline is fast approaching and are all jam packed into the next 30 days. (Did I mention I work full time? And that I’m in the beginning stages of a major redecorating project at the house?)
So, let’s begin with what’s going on with me…

At the end of last year a coworker of mine passed away.  At our recent comic book retailer event we had a silent auction to benefit his daughters’ college fund. The cool thing about this auction was that it was drawn from employees’ private collections, which I thought was a great idea. I donated this piece to the auction. 

Next up, I’m part of a doll exchange over at  Of course, I could not just design ANY doll, but dolls that light up.  I had a ton of fun making them.
My talented videographer husband helped me make 3 more videos so you can see all of my latest e-textile projects in a better way.  So as soon as those are edited, they will be posted on my Youtube channel.
The piece that was supposed to be done in time for the gallery show in Naperville is finally finished, including the LilyPad Arduino board and programming it needed to be complete.  This was a huge monkey off my back, seeing as that I knew I missed the deadline but needed to get this work finished. I am pleased with the results and there may be a future destination for this work including going on TV with me.  I can’t get a good picture of the lights in this piece, so I will rely on my upcoming YouTube video to capture it.  My husband is editing that video now.
Lastly, the Fiber Art Divas is having me at their April 25th meeting give a lecture about the latest in E-textiles.  I’ll be putting my hour long presentation together soon, with some amazing examples of work from around the globe and then a mini trunk show of my own work.  I’m excited that I will be getting this finished so I can add it to my Lectures available to be booked from me.
What does all of this mean?  Well, my weekly series for March has been put on hold so I can catch up with these more pressing works.  And I will catch up on the weekly series after April with a couple days of much needed vacation. 
Thanks for your patience with me while this part of my life takes off!