This N That #36

Bastet, the Duchess of Mean (my baby, who will be 11 yrs old in July)

So, what has been going on?  EVERYTHING, which means I feel like nothing is getting done.  How can you do everything but get nothing done?  I don’t get it, but that’s how it feels.  Every spare moment I can steal away is to make something, so I’m hopeful I can get back into a groove of blogging, creating and other stuff.  San Diego Comic Con is approaching, however….
July 21st is the big reveal for a cool new project I finished and sent away.  Stay tuned for that!  It’s about the only quilt I have gotten finished lately.
I got two rejections this past month and while I was half expecting the one, the technology related one kinda, sorta, really… stung.  It’s not going to deter me from entering shows, since my piece Dunkelheit got such nice reviews in Rhode Island.  But I thought I would pass along that I do in fact get rejected from shows just like a lot of other folks, and yes, it stings.  I’m trying to be a big girl about it, and grow a thicker skin.  
I taught at the Riverwalk Quilters Guild’s famous schoolhouse meeting night and got to show some cool vintage smocking techniques to about 100 people!  It was great to share these techniques with people and show how they can be used in their quilts. 
I’ll be posting more from “Home Sewing Made Easy” this week.  I know you have been waiting!