"Tired always came after Sick"

How do I begin? Well, the stress of the last week trying to prepare for Grammie’s open house took it’s toll in the form of “airplane/travel head cold”. Monday morning I felt like total you-know-what. But I had to get the things I needed to get done out of the way, like mowing, and laundry, and a doctor’s appt. Doctor’s appt leads to further test being needed. Yay. More to think about.

On Tuesday, still feeling bad, I learned of the death of a good friend, Amrita Sunita Board Dowd. Oh, how can I even explain this? Rita had her lovely son Daschel on April 3rd, and something was still not right. After tests, Rita had a very rare and aggressive cancer. She passed with family and friends Monday May 11th. Rita always made me laugh and I will really miss her.

Today, it’s all hitting me at once. I’m tired and sick, and really down in the dumps. I miss Grammie and Rita, the cats are not getting along, and my “big” quilt is slipping away into UFO project status, and it needs to be hung May 22nd, but I don’t know if I will have time to finish it… Too much for me to think about now. I have to focus on getting well and then the quilt.