Tough decision

I made a difficult decision on a juried quilt “call for art” last night. I am really disappointed with myself for not paying better attention to the entry dates, and I won’t have my entry done in time.
With San Diego Comic Con next week, I won’t be able to finish it. It’s a tough decision for me, since I could spend every waking moment from now until I leave for the show to work on it, but rushing it will not be my “best work”. And, I would be ill prepared for the comic show, which is the “nerd prom” and kind of a big deal in the industry. I’m even doing something super secret (for now).
I have the design sketched out, but no time to make it. I had really thought the deadline was Sept 1. My husband and I discussed it, and he has had similar painting deadlines he has let slip by for similar reasons, so it was very good to talk this over with him.
We both agree I still need to make the quilt this year by Sept 1 so that I can still accomplish the finished work. I wanted to focus on getting entries into shows this year, and this is one opportunity that I was really looking forward to.
I could write a whole blog post about “best work” and juried shows (and magazines) showing the same few artists over and over, and the downside of wanting to be an artist but working a (admittedly cool) full time job. Some other time perhaps. Later this weekend I will have a slew of art to show. That’s positive, right?