Treat Yo Self

I love, love, love the blog called Happy Zombie, who is also known as Monica Solorio-Snow, a quilter and fabric designer extraordinaire.   When she posted this blog post (CLICK HERE TO READ THE AWESOMENESS) it spoke to me in such a way that I could not resist.  I’m also a fan of Parks And Recreation, a really funny TV show, and I also happen to love Aziz Ansari as a comedian.  But the idea of “treating yourself” could not have come to me, via Monica, at a better time.

You see, over in the comic book world, my two projects are both launching at the same time.  It’s incredibly busy.  I’m pulling late nights and early mornings.  It’s hard work.  But it’s also very rewarding.  

But what HAVEN’T I got to do lately?  Treat my (yo?) self.  To sewing.  So I sat in my studio one crazy busy weekend afternoon and made this. 
Thanks for the inspiration Monica!