Two table runners!

Back in November, I finished up two table runners. The purplish one is for the kitchen island, as it had a Halloween themed one that needed to get packed away. My cats loved to sit on that one, so I needed a new one to replace it. I had a cute set of batik fabrics that would look good and hide stains, as it was going to inevitably going to get spilled on. In fact, the Thanksgiving day turkey dripped all over and after a wash and dry, It washed right out and you can’t even tell!

This one is in my dining room, the one that will eventually get a “gears” wall hanging in it. When in Baltimore, my faorite shop is Seminole Sampler, in Catonsville. They sell these $3 bags of strips that are bolt end remnants. No strip is really wider than 3 inches, and can taper. For this table runner, i grabbed a few strips from the bag and just sewed them together. After quilting the strips in interesting free motion patterns and a funky cut, it looks pretty hip in situ in my dining room