Under the weather

I have been sick all week long. I went bowling last weekend with my sister and her friends, and have come to the conclusion that bowling alleys are havens of disease. The weather has been all over the place too, which doesn’t help. Rain, snow, freezing cold, then rain again.

I have been trying to come up with a bit abstract take on the pomegranate for this week’s theme. I think this works. I love this one.
I have a plan for next week’s as well.
DH got me the most beautiful bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. I’ll post pictures of it soon.
I also completed some ATCs for a trade. My favorite trading site went under this past week. We are all rallying to a new site that is still under development, but it is sad to see the site go. I’ll post the ATCs tomorrow, as I’m too tired out to scan them tonight.