Unused Photos from Gen Q’s Quarters Article

genqWant to see what the rest of the house looks like? 🙂   Here’s some of the unused shots from the Generation Q magazine’s article on my home.  I’ll post a separate one of my studio, since I have lots of cool features to show you.  Go out and get the July/Aug 2014 issue to see the shots chosen for the magazine!


The loft area of the house was turned into a library with custom built shelves. It holds a lot of graphic novels that I get from my day job in the comic book industry.


I love to smock fabric on the couch in my living room while watching tv. That’s my cat, Vermithraxis Destroyer of Worlds.


On the way through my dining room is the office I work in everyday. I have two erasable boards for my calendar and projects I’m working on for both the day job and my quilting career.