Using your Heirloom Smocking Template to Make Art Journals

I’m back with another super cool use for your Heirloom Smocking Template, and this one is all about using it for writing in your art journal.

StoreImage_SmTmp_LandingPretty much anywhere you want to create even lines for writing, you can use your smocking template to draw in nice, evenly spaced lines for writing. IMG_4758When you want to write, you now have perfect lines to do some creative and artistic writing!  Check out Joannie Pool’s awesome book about Whimsical lettering to give you some ideas!

Here’s my lettering, as I’m trying to love my own handwriting.

Then you can erase your pencil marks and pretend you did all that fancy lettering all by eye!  ha ha!


You can use water erase lines and permanent pens on fabric for this same technique! Give it a try!