Vintage Lace

I recently bought a few bins to sort out my vintage textile collection and realized I had WAY more than I thought, and actually needed more bins. So I now have one bin just for lace. 

Oh my,  I can’t even tell you how much I love vintage lace.  I especially love any guipere needle lace, but even simple crocheted trim will do.  Love, love, love.
I think part of the reason I love it so much is that when I run my fingers over it, I think of the person who sat there and made it.  Some of this lace is achingly detailed. 
Some of it is adorably simple.  Possibly made by someone who didn’t have many luxuries, but could have this simple thing.
And then, sometimes, you find something that takes your breath away.  
I buy it cheap in bulk if it’s abandoned in garage or yard sales, or select pieces from a dusty antique shop, or plunk down some good $ from a specialty dealer, if it’s astonishing.  

I love old linens, hankies, and doilies too.  Do you?