Visiting my quilt at a local show

My husband and I went to a wedding in Pewaukee WI recently, and I discovered very last minute that the Power Suit quilts were at a nearby quilt show called Machine Quilting Today.   The show is held at a resort in Ocomonowoc, WI, and because we were less than 15 minutes away, I dragged my husband to see it in our nice wedding finery.  Here I am in front of my quilt, and I was happy to see it again!
I had not seen all of the Power Suit quilts in person, so it was really nice to see them. The quilts wrapped around the outer walls of the show.  Sadly, this looks like you are looking into a dungeon, and that is not far from the truth.  This location was so poorly lit.  I had never seen a show so badly lit.  They had table lamps in some of the aisles it was so dark…  It’s a shame too, as this being a machine quilting showcase show the work was stunning if you could actually see it. 

After the show I spoke with some fellow quilters and they all remarked how the organizers had just moved to this location from somewhere else, and they are aware of the lighting issues.  Such a shame, but hopefully it will be better next time!