Weeks fly by

Week 8 is here. I started it early since I had to go off to New York Comic Con to work all weekend. I freehand stitched this thing that was supposed to be a peacock feather and came out like… i don’t know what. I stipple quilted the background in black, and then took it with me to NYC to bead. I caught a cold from the nerds, so I haven’t posted because I feel so rotten.

I picked up some kawaii Japanese cute stuff at the show, and learned a lot about designer vinyl toys from our buyer. One thing I picked up that I thought was really cool was this Nohohon Zoku toy by Tomy. It’s a line of toys designed for “Healthy living” and stress management. It really does put a smile on your face. Check it out here. I need to get a couple more.

Other than that, life is getting back to normal. Nights are pretty quiet, lots of invites to dinner from friends, but one thing is pretty clear: I’m gonna get a lot of quilting done!
ps. House is officially up for sale, though not fully painted yet.