What am I getting myself into?

I am hosting this week’s International ATC Month Week 1 challenge on fabric ATCs. Monday, I’m hosting a chat class on how to make them. I spent today making some non sewn ATCs. This one I am keeping for me.

I burned the heck out of my fingers making this damn card.

I made some cards that were hand sewn, and also some catds that were painted, stamped, and drawn, so that each person could use their art on fabric somehow.

Now, I have ton’s of other projects to do… One, I need to start my round robin project. You know, precious fabrics. 🙁

I also need to get some “texture” squares done for the Off Kilter Quilter group. They have to be 6″. Which is not too bad.

I’m in desperate need of more plain black fabric, and some white as well, in order to start these projects, and to have on hand.

I also need to go back and update my posts that have the pictures missing, and maybe update the quilting pages as well. I have a vase and two purses to post (one I made today) from the Tammy Tadd pattern I bought in Chicago.

I was invited to go to a retreat with my round robin friends in a camp north of Harrisburg PA Sept 29th – October 1. This is right after I get back from Alaska, but I don’t care. I joined right up! Hopefully I can use that opportunity to get some projects done!!