What I bought in Houston

It’s a tradition of mine to post the stuff that I spent my money on in Houston to feed my fabric and thread addiction.  Here’s the stuff I bought while at the Houston Show!

MMM thread.  I had all of the brights of this line of Superior thread, and it’s time to fill in the rest of the colors.
Yummy fabrics from Friestyle (Frieda Anderson) and matching dyed thread from Artfabrik (Laura Wasilowski).
Oh Cherrywood dyed fabrics… how I love thee.  You have outgrown your storage bin and these need to evict other fabric so that they can all live together.
I love these tokidoki style prints.  I have absolutely NO idea what I will make out of them, but I love them.
More awesome Japanese-kawaii (cute) fabrics.  Yum!

More that just were too cute to resist. All of these fabrics in the last 3 pictures came from the same booth!
The show if full of booths with all kinds of wonderful things, and sometimes you find a treasure.  I loved the Victorian era buttons turned into earrings, and just HAD TO HAVE the same period gold mourning brooch. It’s the perfect thing to wear in my “Creepy Victorian” parlor room!