What is a Muppin?

Do you know “The Muffin Man”? Well in this scene from Jaws, Chief Brody’s son is playing on the beach singing the “muffin man” song. Except he says the “muppin man”. Go ahead, watch it again. I have watched this movie a bazillion times, and when I first met my husband, I used to sing the “muppin man” as in “Hey, there he is! The Muppin Man!”, when he’d walk in the room or come home from work. Eventually it was shortened into a “pet name” for him. And my cats. And basically anything I find cute is a “muppin”. Hey, I have a friend who says “Nee na noh” when she sees something cute, so why can’t cute things be muppins?
Anyway, when I was looking for a domain name for our family in the 90’s, Sleboda was taken, so I picked Muppin because no one would ever have that, right? Eventually it became my brand for my quilt website, and we haven’t looked back since.  Online I’m known as “Muppin”, which is weird to be called by your username, especially if that username is what you usually call your husband!  So there you go, that’s how the Muppin came about!