What one thing can you do to move your sewing biz forward today?

In my business Facebook group I run for folks who have taken one of my business classes, I remind people that each day you have another chance to take a step forward in your business.


I have a ring I bought in an airport in Seattle that reads: “The future depends on what you do today. ” It’s a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, and I look at this ring every single day to remind me that I have another chance today to do something… anything… to make some money for my business.

What does that look like? Well, here’s a few ideas:

-Is opening a business your dream? Then today is your lucky day to start! Are you dreaming of heading from part-time side job to full-time? You can do that too! Today is the day you take one action towards that.

-Run a sale on your website. Don’t have a website? Now’s a good time to start the research on putting one together.

-Work on a pattern, book idea, or artwork you have been planning for a while. Working on your merchandise makes money.

-Email someone to collaborate on a project. Email that person who has been waiting on a reply from you.

-Go through your unpaid invoices and send a reminder.

-Send out a marketing email to remind customers to shop. Mail something to shops or guilds to book you. Let people who haven’t heard from you in a while know you are there.

-Make a list of all the ways you planned to make money in your business. Start on one of them.

-Refresh your e-commerce listings, pattern covers, or merchandise graphics with new pictures.

-Start learning the thing you needed to learn to do things yourself. Do you need to learn Photoshop? How to build a website? Head over to YouTube and find a video to get you started.

Today you have another chance to take one step towards something that makes money. It’s a super helpful thing to me to decide what project to start on first: Which one will make me the most money? It helps make decisions on frivolous projects pretty simple.

Hopefully you can take that one step towards what will make your business profitable!