What’s your Poison? 

When my friend Misty asked me to be part of her poison bottle Block of the month, how could I resist? It’s perfect for me, because skulls!

So back in the day, your poisons had to be in unique bottles because people couldn’t read! Also Victorian parlors are dark, so they had to be recognizable by feel.  Thus the poison bottle was born!

bottle 1The taller bottle is heavily textured in real life, so I wanted to recreate that by using a slight texture on the fabric using “Texture Magic”!

I used fabric markers to color it and then even used a little paint to help highlight the bumps. I used green as a callback to Vaseline glass, which was made with uranium in it!!! It was (still is) radioactive!

bottle2The skull bottle in real life is tiny!  But I wanted mine to be clear instead of blue, and I really enjoyed coloring it in with fabric markers.  The real one has crossbones on the bottom!!!  They are apparently super rare. 
Thanks to Misty for letting me play along!  Be sure to head over to her blog and site to see the rest of the bottles and give making these a shot!!!