About this time of year I get wistful in thinking ahead to the Holidays and back at the year that is past. I accomplished so much this year, and at times it feels like so little.
I’m thinking ahead to my goals for 2009. But I’m at a point in life where I’m looking ahead even farther, and where everything is headed, and where I feel I am as far as my life plans are.
I traveled so much for work this year that I really am sick of traveling right now. I have no desire to get on a plane, sleep in a hotel, etc. I want to be home and around my stuff. I feel like I have neglected making my home a home this year. The end of year total was almost 21,000 miles. Urgh.
I also feel that that much time away from home took a lot away from my art making time. I was successful (so far) in making the Weekly quilts for a second year, but really, my other plans and projects suffered. The monthly quilt plans were abandoned by mid year, and my large art projects are packed away at this point. So sad, since I had hopes to enter shows, but they just couldn’t keep up with how much time I was away.
I love my career, and I love my artwork too, and I hope to live a long life to eventually retire and do my artwork on my own time. Part of that long life means keeping myself healthy, and this year I wasn’t too good at that. I was sick more than I should have been this year, and my dieting plans have been shot to hell by being on the road. I rejoined Weight Watchers, and am doing well, so I’m back on track.
As I form goals for 2009, and get some of my ideas out of my head and into reality, I’m hopeful that I can come to peace with what I didn’t accomplish, look back on all that I did, and see the future for what it is. A second start.