With a Cherry on Top

I was given this adorable bloggy award by Kelly of Maxi Fortend!  Thank you Kelly!

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be? 
Well, for me the answer is no.  I’m in a pretty decent spot in life, and wouldn’t change anything.  Could things be even better? Sure.  But I can accomplish those things going forward, not back.
2. Secondly, pick 6 people and give them this award. Make sure to inform the person that they have gotten this award!
Oh boy!  Here goes!
Someone who really inspires me to grab onto my art dream: Melanie Testa
Someone who is a kindred Halloween spirit, and I love her style: Kelli Perkins
My fellow moderator for Quilting Arts’ forums: Belinda Spiwak
One of the strongest women I know: Toni K
My roomie for our ATC retreat adventures: Dina Haskins
My other ATC retreat roomie: Carolyn B

3. Be sure to thank the person who gave you the award.  
Thank you Kelly for being  along time reader and supporter of mine!!!! *Mmmwaaahh!*