You got Evil in my Cuteness

A week of friends.

Friends whom I lost touch with (Jim P., Chas, and Brian) whose friendship we rekindled, and new friends whom I had a great time with this week as well. Friends from B-more, quilters who are graciously letting me stay in their house later this coming month.

At a dinner ths week, a friend’s daughter brought up the subject that evil should not be cute, as often displayed at Hot Topic, with pink skulls or swords with rainbows. I disagreed! While I went through an evily-goth phase, I still love the Hello Kitty induced cute of my yout, and now, they combine! I said that I would take the kokeshi doll idea from a hoodie I bought from Spicy Brown, and make it evil. This was a very fun project.

Did lots of sketching this week, and plan next weekend to be a “quilt-a-thon”.

Our basement flooded Thursday night. Luckily we were not putting much down there, and we have cleaned up the water, but the water table has not dropped, and so our sump pump needed to be replaced. We did not lose any property or memories, but somehow this takes the new “shine” off of the new house. It’s a bit sad to feel that your house is already “broken”. Hopefully staving off mold will be ok. We can feel good knowing that all of the miniatures, comics, and quilts are upstairs!